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Beijing bolongbao winery company, founded in 1999, is located in the beautiful village Bashimudi at the foot of Mountain Wulanshan. Grape cultivation base covers an area of 70 hectares, annual production of wine of 250 tons. The dragon from the famous French wine Chateau Fort architectural style, unique design.

Chateau Bolongbao

Processing Wine organic grape cultivation and organic, technical content is very high, the difficulty is big, the increase of investment; but Wine organic grape cultivation and organic development and promotion, is to reduce the environment pollution and prevention of pesticides, chemicals, high residual chemicals and agricultural wastes and hazards to human health, improve the the effective way Wine safe.

Eat natural, live healthy in twenty-first Century is human's pursuit of ideal, give the environment clean and safe food to the society, for the whole society to bring health nature as the life style of consumers is the organic corporate responsibility. The harmonious development between man and nature not only protects the environment for human survival, but also achieves sustainable development.

Our goal: Make Chinese top wine.

The history of company&Awards:

2005: International Airlines duty-free goods in large companies in Holland Kuraso foreign supply group long-term orders; China international routes for duty-free goods;

2006: exports to Paris, the Chinese people's own production of wine for the first time into the high-end market in France, Phoenix TV made a special report.

2007: signed China Capital Airport VIP Department of special wine; we have many distinguished members buy wine stored in Chateau Bolongbao cellar.

2008: to become China's Ministry of foreign affairs of Beijing city to become the designated product, also do special products.

2009: becoming organic wine company to obtain EU organic certification and organic certification in USA.